Automated systems of troops and weapons command and control

At present the Republic of Belarus is one of leading countries in the world in development and manufacture of the integrated automated control systems for troops, reconnaissance and weapons.

JSC AGAT — Control Systems and Beltechexport Company are successfully fulfilling in the interests of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries a number of programs for improvement of the Air Defence and Air Force troops control systems.

Within the framework of such work the automation means complexes have undergone all necessary tests and taken in service with Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus for equipping the central command post of the Air Force and Air Defence troops and for the other command posts in stationary and mobile versions. Besides, the automated command posts for the Land Forces have been developed and are successfully operated, as well as the automated artillery fire control systems, inclusive control of the multi-launch rocket systems.

The scientific-and-technical and production potential, wide practical experience of the Company allow it to perform the complex programs for development of the up-to-date integrated automated control systems for troops, reconnaissance and weapons, and to supply separate automated control complexes, radar reconnaissance facilities, passive location, signal and data transmission, special software.