The up-to-date optoelectonic devices for light and medium weapons

Sights and night vision goggles, optical, collimator sights, laser range finders and target designators of the Belarusian manufacture are reliable and easy in operation and can be installed on various types of small arms and grenade launchers, including the NATO types. Realization of sights and aiming devices (including the night sights) for small arms of different types, developed and manufactured by BelOMO Holding, is a very perspective area of cooperation.

BelOMO Holding is a leading developer and manufacturer of the optoelectronic devices in the CIS countries, and for a number of models — in the world.

In addition to delivery of finished products, transfer of manufacturing technologies, establishment of service centers for repair and maintenance of the above mentioned goods can be proposed.

Relying upon wide experience in manufacturing of different types of optoelectonic devices, BelOMO Holding renders services for development of new models of devices, in accordance with requirements of its Customers.