About Company

The Company was established on January 26, 1993 and became the first enterprise in Belarus, specialized in implementation of projects in the military technical sphere. For the whole period of its activities a major part of the volume of exports comes to military purpose production, manufactured by enterprises of the defence sector of economy of the Republic of Belarus.

During the period of its work on the international market of armaments and military equipment Beltechexport Company supplied to Customers in different countries more than 120 aircraft of various types, over 3000 units of Air Defence equipment and materiel, automated control systems, radars and electronic warfare systems, hundreds of units of different artillery systems and armoured vehicles, tens of thousands of small arms units and other military purpose facilities and technologies.


The main principle of work of Beltechexport Company is strict adherence to international requirements and standards in the field of military and technical cooperation as well as full and proper fulfillment of its commitments towards customers and partners. Geography of partnership relations of the Company is sufficiently wide and spreads all over the countries of Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. As a result of the long-term successful cooperation, customers from the above mentioned regions know Beltechexport as a reliable partner.


The principal guarantee of quality of the products supplied by our Company is the long-term fruitful and mutually advantageous cooperation with the leading manufacturers of the military-purpose products in the Republic of Belarus and abroad, as well as participation of highly experienced and skilled personnel in the work of the Company.


At present «Beltechexport» Company in accordance with the license, issued by the State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus, is entitled to carry out the following activities.

Scientific-research military purpose activity in the area of Air Defence

Design and development activities for creation of:

  • Air Defence missile systems (complexes)
  • Rocket grenade launchers

Manufacture, repair and technical maintenance of:

  • aviation equipment simulators;
  • man-portable air defence systems simulators;

Sales of the military purpose products:

  • available under operating management of the Republican state administration bodies, having the military units;
  • manufactured (developed, produced) by other organizations of the Republic of Belarus and (or) belonging to them on the basis of the right of ownership;
  • belonging to foreign legal bodies on the basis of the right of ownership;
  • available in the possession of a license holder on the basis of the right of ownership (including the self-engineered, developed and manufactured ones).

Besides, a certificate for implementation of foreign trade activity with specialized goods (work, services) has been issued to our Company, which authorizes Beltechexport Company to carry out:

1. Foreign trade operations with the specific products (work, services) in the interests of the Republican state administrative bodies, having the military formations, and of other organizations of the Republic of Belarus.

2. Foreign trade operations with the specific products (work, services):


  • which are under operational management of the Republican state authorities, having the military formations;

  • which have been produced (developed, manufactured) by other organizations of the Republic of Belarus and (or) belong to them on the basis of the right of ownership;

  • which belong to foreign legal persons on the basis of the right of ownership;

  • which are in possession of a holder of the certificate on the basis of the right of ownership, including those of its own production (development, manufacture).

3. Rendering of intermediary services, incidental to transfer (delivery) of the specific products from one foreign country to the other one.

4. Making of arrangements for fulfillment of work and rendering of services, perceiving to the specific products.


In order to serve the interests of our Customers and Partners, Beltechexport Company, while fulfilling the foreign trade projects, always strives for rendering the entire scope of services — from delivery of armaments and military equipment (if necessary, with fulfillment of their repair and upgrading) up to training of personnel, servicing and warranty support of the supplied equipment.

Beltechexport Company offers:

  • supply of military and technical products;
  • repair and upgrading of the armaments and military equipment;
  • training of military engineering staff.