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Air force equipment

Air forces

“Beltechexport” Company supplies the following Air Force Equipment with all support facilities:
  • aircrafts: MiG-29, Su-24MK, Su-25, Su-27;
  • helicopters: Mi-8 (Mi-17), Mi-24 (Mi-35).
All exported aircraft equipment undergoes overhaul and pre-sales preparation at the aircraft repair enterprises. For effective preparation of pilots, engineering and technical crew, our Company supplies full-flight simulators and training classrooms for all types of aircrafts and helicopters. Besides we offer conduction of specialists training in Belarusian educational establishments or in the customer’s country. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Belarusian enterprises are developing and producing a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles. We are supplying unmanned aerial vehicles of various profiles:
  • terrain survey (with 30–70 km radius of action);
  • reconnaissance and patrol (with radius of action up to 290 km);
  • attack (for surveillance operations, as well as transportation and application of special payloads, including armament);
  • on airships (with a capability of flight with a low speed and hovering over an object).
Besides the supply of the line items and development of the UAVs, we are capable of providing our customers with airframe production technologies and sets that allow assembly of the end items at customer’s territory together with personnel training on production, testing, operation and maintenance.