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Purpose of modernization: creation of a multifunctional fighter.


Extending the range of applied weapons:
  • “air-to-ground” guided missiles H-25ML, H-29Т (ТЕ), H-29L, H-31А, H-31P;
  • air bombs KAB-500KR, KAB-500L.
Introduction of the new operation modes of the radar targeting system, which allows to detect targets at the distance:
  • in “air-to-air” mode to front hemisphere—150–160 km;
  • “Launcher” type with RCS of 30 m²—40 km;
  • “Hangar” and “Railroad Bridge” types with RCS of 1000 m²—150 km;
  • water surface targets in the mode of real-time observation—350 km.
Extension of the functional capabilities of the navigation system, which enables:
  • input and storage of data on waypoints, aerodromes and radio-beacons, up to 99 points of each type (in standard version—up to 6 points);
  • generation and storage of the data on 8 routes (in standard version—2 routes);
  • automated and manual changes of navigation points during the flight;
  • detection of the flight speed with the accuracy of 0.2 m/s;
  • capability to carry out navigation in accordance with ICAO (VOR, ILS/DME);
  • accuracy of detection of the actual coordinates of the aircraft of ±5 m (in standard version—700 m).
Installation of airborne data receiving and transmitting system:
  • transmission of coordinates of the detected ground targets to ground control centers;
  • control over the aircraft position in the air;
  • storage of data on flight parameters at a ground operator;
  • control over operation of aviation materiel;
  • assistance to a pilot in special cases;
  • training of pilots;
  • ground targeting.

Modernization of the information field of the cockpit.

Audio and video data recording.

Installation of EMI Shielding Equipment.

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