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Purpose of modernization: creation of a multifunctional fighter.


Extending the range of applied weapons:

  • “air-to-air” guided missiles R-73;
  • “air-to-ground” guided missiles H-29Т;
  • unguided missiles S-13;
  • air bombs KAB-500KR, KAB-500L.

Modernization of the informative field of the cockpit and installation of information display system SOI-25.

Installation of the navigation system SN-25, which enables:

  • input and storage of data on route waypoints, airfields, radio beacons—up to 99 points of each type (in standard variant—6 points);
  • generation and storage of data on eight routes (in standard variant—one route);
  • flight under the pre-programmed route with automatic and manual change of navigation points during the flight;
  • automated and manual changes of navigation points during the flight;
  • capability to carry out navigation in accordance with ICAO (VOR, ILS/DME);
  • accuracy of detection of the actual coordinates of the aircraft of ±15 m (in standard version—700 m).

Installation of PS-25 aiming system, which enables the application of standard and newly installed weapons:

  • “air-to-air” guided missiles R-73;
  • “air-to-ground” guided missiles H-29Т;
  • air bombs KAB-500KR;
  • unguided missiles S-13.

Introduction of a navigational bombing mode allowing for:
  • bombing with ballistic bombs at any weather, during day and at night, without seeing ground surface;
  • increasing the maximum bombing altitude up to 5000 m (without entering defeat zone of Air Defense facilities);
  • increasing the precision of bombing with ballistic bombs (mean root square error of ±30 meters).
Installation of objective control systems, which enables:
  • recording video and audio information during the flight in order to perform objective control and post flight analysis;
  • monitoring, recording and saving information regarding the condition of power devices and airborne systems of the aircraft.
Installation of SR-25 radio communication system to ensure jam-resistant open and closed telephone and telecode radio communication during interaction with other aircrafts and ground control posts.

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