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Purpose of modernization: to ensure day and night fulfillment of combat missions.

Main directions of modernization:

  • installation of navigation and indication complex;
  • installation of gyro-stabilized target-sight system;
  • installation of night vision equipment;
  • extension of capabilities of flight data recording system;
  • installation of optronic jamming station;
  • installation of radio-technical defense system;
  • application of missile with laser seeker.

As a result of modernization, the following tasks were performed:

  • round-the-clock (day-and-night) combat application of the full range of the helicopter weapons using the gyro-stabilized optronic system;
  • higher firing accuracy of the unguided weapons using the laser range finder;
  • round-the-clock fulfillment of reconnaissance and SAR missions with precise determination of target coordinates and automatic data transmission to the ground control post;
  • high-precision navigation and a new display system for presenting navigation and flight data;
  • round-the-clock guidance and adjustment of the anti-aircraft fire;
  • night flying at 50-m altitude using the night-vision goggles;
  • self-search and landing on unlit and undesignated landing sites without landing lights;
  • semi-automatic (directed) and automated flight along the pre-programmed route;
  • expansion of the quantity of registered parameters, decrease in decoding and processing times;
  • improvement of protection of the helicopter against “ground-to-air” missiles and “air-to-air” missiles with IR seeker and radar seeker;
  • application of laser guided missiles.

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