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BERKUT BM is designed to perform a wide range of practical tasks related to the training of the air defense forces:

  • training of combat crews of anti-aircraft missile system (AAMS) at places of permanent deployment for various types of targets;
  • evaluation of the real (and not declared in the technical descriptions) tactical and technical characteristics of the AAMS firing radars: target detection range with different radar cross-sections (RCS), range accuracy of tracking such targets, speed and angular coordinates;
  • assessment of the accuracy of geodetic referencing and navigation of the firing radars of the AAMS, significantly affecting the effectiveness of targeting from external systems;
  • test firing of the AAMS.
The UAV BERKUT BM generates a return signal of a target flying at different distances, altitudes, speeds. Simulated air targets have a real radar portrait within the frequency ranges of the AAMS and are full analogues of real targets for performing attacks in all parameters relevant to firing radars and radar homing heads (range, speed, angular coordinates, RCS).

Parameter Value
Length, mm 2400
Wing span, mm 2800
Takeoff weight, kg 34
Standard fuel capacity, kg 9
Type of the engine turbojet
Static-pressure thrust, N 9–230
Fuel consumption, ml/min 180–730
Level-flight speed range, km/h 100–360
Maximum speed, km/h 400
Flight altitude range, m 50–3000
Practical flight range, km 110
Endurance, min 30
Flight control automatic

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