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Purpose: designed for equipping control posts of electronic technical units (radar platoons, companies, battalions) for automatic pickup, processing, fusion and display of radar data from radars and mobile radar altimeters, IFF, transmission of summarized data to higher command post. Interfaced with the long range radar detection and aviation control complex.

General technical characteristics of “Rif” Automated Control System:

Parameter Value
Number of processed air objects and active jammers, not less than: 250
Errors in:
range, m
altitude, m

are determined
by the features
of data sources
Update period for air target data, s up to 100
Range of processing, km 5
Probability of radar tracking: not less than 0.95
Number of simultaneously connected:
radars with analog/digital output
mobile altimeters
interacting and higher command posts
up to 4/up to 2
up to 4
Number of automated workstations 3–8

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