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Purpose: equipping the AF and AD command posts at the operational and tactical levels.

General technical characteristics of AF and AD automated control system:

Parameter Value
Number of channels for connection of interacting    and controlled objects up to 90
Number of air targets received per 10 s up to 1200
Range of radar data processing:
based on coordinates X, Y, km
based on coordinate Н, km
based on speed V, km/h
from −2400 to +2400
from 0.1 to 100
from 0 to 6000
Working with a digital map of terrain implemented
Main elements back up central computer, local computer network, data bases servers, gates
Number of automated workstations up to 150

Missions to be performed:
  • receipt, processing, storage and display of information on enemy’s troops, air situation, as well as troops, dislocation and combat capabilities of friendly and interacting forces;
  • target distribution with automatic (automated) target assignment to subordinate troops, formations and units;
  • control of EW facilities with assignment of missions and targeting;
  • control of radar data sources;
  • calculation of radars detection areas;
  • calculation of engagement areas of the active Air Defense facilities;
  • calculation of application of EW facilities;
  • calculation and display of summarized data based on results of combat operations;
  • calculation of a number of fighters required to attack air targets with pre-determined damage;
  • preliminary air navigation calculations and interception of air targets.

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