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Since October 2012 JSC “Beltechexport” is an official dealer of Barrett Communications Pty Ltd, the Australian developer and manufacturer of the military and civil purpose radio equipment, marketing its products in the Republic of Belarus and other CIS countries. 

Barrett radio is a complete commercial system providing reliable communication within the frequency band from 1.6 up to 30 MHz and from 30 up to 88 MHz, manufactured in compliance with MIL STD 810G standards for shock resistance, vibration resistance, dust-proofing, water-proofing and thermal resistance. The radios have a high degree of concealment of communication and are structurally reliable due to the number of circuit elements being kept to a minimum.
The modular design concept of all Barrett systems, ensures complete interchangeability of transmitter receivers in man-portable, mobile or basic options. 
Barrett PRC-2090. This radio is developed using advanced technologies, allowing a small-size package to have a sufficient set of functions, such as selective call (Selcall), GPS positioning, automatic link establishment (ALE), frequency hopping, remote diagnostics, etc. Possibilities of data transmission via HF channel for access to the Internet e-mail.  

Vehicle tracking systems, gateways, UHF and HF modems in combination with other products of Barrett 2000 series has allowed PRC-2090 to become a powerful tool for tactical communication.

One of the recent developments of HF radio is a HF transceiver Barrett 4050 SDR, a centerpiece in the HF communication equipment line, combining the technology of software-defined radio systems and intuitive control interface. Barrett 4050 provides secure data transmission, e-mail messaging with other devices in HF-network and moreover, it can be connected to the international telephone network and Internet. 

Key benefits of the radio:

  • improved software defined architecture;
  • touch screen color display;
  • telephone communication under IP protocol;
  • wireless communication on the base of iOS, Android and Windows;
  • USB-connection for programming of a transceiver, input of keys and provision of compatibility; 
  • multi-language menu;
  • digital open and secured voice communication; 
  • high-speed data transmission; 
  • detachable wire and wireless control panels;
  • power of transmission—up to 150 W;
  • low power consumption;
  • automatic link establishment (ALE) 2G and 3G;
  • GPS Push option;
  • complete compatibility with previous options of HF radios.  

PRC-2080+ VHF transceiver is an extremely compact and lightweight unit. It is simple to operate and does not require operator training. The radio system is capable of operating in secure protected mode, frequency hopping, compatible (in fixed frequency) with the previous family of radio systems.  
Besides, it demonstrates a high degree of signal processing, thus providing excellent reception even if radio environment is busy and complicated by enemy jammers operation. 

Combinations of PRC-2080+ solutions for modules: the radio frequency (RF), digital signal processor (DSP) and software make it one of the most cost effective, secure, high performance VHF transceivers available in the tactical military radio market today. 

For hill terrains, with obstacles, when line-of-sight communication is inaccessible, use of Barrett Communications PRC2083+ 50W VHF re-broadcast system, providing extended range between two VHF networks and overcoming the line-of-sight limitations, is essential.

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