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P-185 command and control vehicle is designed to automate management processes and provide communications on the tactical command level when quartering, on the move or during water obstacles crossing, both independently and being integrated in communication centers. It can also be used in other units of command level at front-line control centers and communication nodes or centers to provide communications for the benefit of military formations command in accordance with the tactics adopted by the armed services branch.


  • forming of up to three simplex or one duplex and one simplex VHF radio channels using R-181-50VU-2 or R-181-50TU radio station;
  • forming of one simplex HF radio channel using R-181-100VK radio station;
  • forming of one radio channel of DMR standard using “Klen” radio station;
  • forming of one simplex VHF radio channel and one simplex HF radio channel with aircrafts;
  • connection to data transmission network via Ethernet and SHDSL interfaces;
  • connection to an external PBX via FXO interface;
  • connection of external devices via FXS, Ethernet and SHDSL interfaces;
  • deployment of a remote operator station;
  • provision of information reception, processing, storage and display at computer workstations of acting officials;
  • reception and transmission of speech and data by wired, HF and VHF radio channels from stationary and remote workstations;
  • internal service and external telephone communication using Р-184 product (Internal communication and switching equipment);
  • reception and transmission of confidential information using encryption equipment;
  • automatic finding of coordinates of location, orientation angles (course, inclination and pitch), distance traveled and exact time, and input of these data in a computer using the integrated KNS-2 navigation system;
  • automated testing of communication equipment and data transmission.

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