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The switchboard P-195P is intended for the organization of telephone communication in the field using telephone sets such as TA-88, TA-57, TA-11 and radio stations with remote control. Switch P-195P is a field telephone switch of small capacity of the MB system.

P-195 provides:

  • connection of up to 10 subscribers in the CB / MB system via two-wire field cable lines;
  • automated telephone communication;
  • manual and automatic switching of subscribers;
  • subscriber access to external telephone networks via two FXO interfaces;
  • connection to data networks via SHDSL and Ethernet interfaces;
  • the possibility of combining telephone switches with a single numbering plan;
  • steady work in severe climatic conditions;
  • round-the-clock operation.
General performance characteristics
Parameter Value
Plug-in telephones, pcs. 10
Ouputs to external telephone networks, pcs. 2
Interfaces to connect to IP-networks Ethernet / SHDSL
Range, SHDSL (П 274М) / Ethernet (Cat.5e) 10 km / 90m
Connection speed, Ethernet / SHDSL 10, 100 Mbit / s up to 5696 Kbit / s
Routing Protocols Static Route
Data transfer functions SIP-server
Resistance to external influencing factors according to GOST V 20.39.304-98 Group 1.14 UHL
Power supply (board / battery), V 10.8-36 / 14-16.8
Operating temperature range, °С – 30 до + 50
Overall dimensions without battery, mm 298 х 280 х 120
Weight, kg max 7
Cooling passive

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