О компании


P-215 switch is designed to provide packet switching when data is exchanged between automated workstations and combining them into a local computer network.
Basic properties:

  • packet switching when exchanging data between the automated workstations and consolidating them into a local computer network based on 10/100 Ethernet technology (10BaseT and 100Base-TX);
  • connection of several nodes of a computer network within one or more network segments in digital information transmission networks at fixed and mobile control points;
  • provision of personal VoIP telephony over telephones.

General performance characteristics

Parameter Value
Connection interfaces 16 портов 10 / 100 BASE-TX (4 порта PoE 10 / 100 BASE-TX)
Data transfer functions ARP (MAC), TRUNK QoS, VLAN
Control interfaces CLI
Resistance to external influencing factors according to GOST V 20.39.304-9 Group 1.8 UHL
Power supply (industrial/board) 195-253 / 19-72
Operating temperature range, °С – 30…+ 50
Overall dimensions (WxDxH), mm 485 х 295 х 89 (19"/2U «Euromechanika»)
Weight, kg max 7.2
Power consumption (230/27 V), W 115 / 55
Cooling passive (without fan)

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