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P-341 modem is designed for converting of IP traffic transmitted over the Ethernet interface to SHDSL IP traffic and back, it is used to increase the communication range of devices that have an Ethernet interface in digital networks of information transmission at fixed and mobile control points.

Basic properties:
  • used in objects on the wheeled and caterpillar transport base (in command and staff vehicles and communication vehicles) with the impact of mechanical loads in the form of vibration and shock, as well as atmospheric factors;
  • made in an airtight impact-resistant casing of aluminum alloy;
  • round-the-clock mode of operation.

General performance characteristics

Parameter Value
Ethernet / SHDSL conversion module (4 versions) 1, 2, 3, 4
Ethernet / SHDSL IP Traffic Conversion Channels in the module 2
Range, SHDSL (P 274M) / Ethernet (Cat.5e) 10 km/ 90 m
Connection speed, Ethernet / SHDSL 10, 100 Mbit / s / up to 5696 Kbps
Data transfer functions DHCP-client
Control interfaces Web
Resistance to external influencing factors according to GOST V 20.39.304-98 Group 1.8 UHL
Power (industrial / board), V 195-253 / 19-72
Operating temperature range, °С – 30…+ 50
Overall dimensions (WxDxH), mm 485 x 295 x 89 (19” / 2U) “Euromechanika”)
Weight, kg max 6.5
Power consumption (230/27 V), W 115 / 55
Cooling passive (without fan)

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