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R-188 is a software-defined VHF radio, designed to exchange open and protected technical masking of voice information and data with increased secrecy of operation in the range from 30 MHz to 108 MHz.

Operating types:
  • analog reception and transmission of speech with frequency modulation;
  • digital reception and transmission of speech;
  • streaming and packet data transmission from ARQ with a speed of 9.6 to 19.2 kbit/s.

Operating modes:

  • single frequency and dual frequency simplex;
  • reception and transmission of voice information and data in the mode of pseudo-random frequency tuning (FHP);
  • work with noise suppressor;
  • scanning reception at 8 preset frequencies;
  • noise immunity coding
  • technical masking
  • “Shared channel” (voice and data transmission on one channel with priority selection);
  • automated recording of radio data;
  • scanning technique;
  • subscriber, group and circular type of addressing subscribers;
  • control from external PC;
  • economical (duty) reception;
  • send and receive a tone call.
General performance characteristics
Parameter Value
Operating frequency range, MHz: 30–108
Number of channels: 96
Frequency spacing, kHz: 12.5/25
Transmitter output power, W: 0.5/5
PROFR rate, jumps/s:
not less than 200
Receiver sensitivity, µV: 0.8…1.1
Operating temperature range, °C: – 30…+ 50
Weight, kg: 1.0
Overall dimensions, mm: 67 х 50 х 235
Continuous operation time with battery, hours: not less than 12

  • remote control from an external device via USB 2.0, RS-232 interfaces;
  • Work with both an external headset, and with a built-in speaker and microphone;
  • flexible change in transmitter power level;
  • control from external PC;
  • built-in software diagnostics of health;
  • flexible and functional parameter setting with the help of software;
  • automated recording of radio data;
  • emergency erasure of radio data;
  • subscriber, group and circular type of addressing subscribers;
  • sending and receiving a tone call;
  • work with asymmetrical antenna-feeder devices with a nominal resistance of 50 Ohms;
  • the transceiver is made in an airtight, impact-resistant aluminum alloy housing.

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