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PU-3 system is designed to provide worksites with internal voice communication in mobile objects between crew members and external voice communication with the commander's workplace through the external radio communication channel of the object.

Basic technical properties:
  • internal two-way duplex telephone communication with all subscribers of the object (internal communication);
  • opportunity of the output of a subscriber on the radio station of R-181 family connected to the system;
  • round the clock mode of operation;
  • switching modes of operation is carried out by mechanical switch;
  • availability of function of loudspeaker communications.

General performance characteristics

Parameter Value
Maximum number of connected terminal subscriber units 3
Resistance to external influencing factors according to GOST V 20.39.304-98 Group 1.10 UHL
Power supply, V 18…36
Operating temperature range, °С – 35…+ 50
Power consumption, W 20
Weight, kg 1.5
Overall dimensions, mm 152 х 210 х 93
Cooling passive (without fan)

Basic Package 
  • Switching unit (has a built-in loudspeaker)

Terminal subscriber unit consisting of:
  • Breast switch
  • Armor communication helmet with laryngophone and telephone headset
Optional Accessories
  • Handset

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