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R-181-5NK is a multimode radio with software defined radio (SDR) architecture which is designed to build up a radio subsystem for tactic control level as well as to exchange analog and digital information in all weather conditions. It provides for open and technically masked out radio channel in electromagnetic suppression conditions featuring increased noise immunity and security of operation (pseudorandom operational frequency readjustment, PROFR) with radio sets compatible in frequency range, modulation formats and operating modes. 

Operating types:

  • analog voice reception and transmission with amplitude modulation; 
  • digital voice reception and transmission; 
  • data streaming and batch transmission with ARQ at rate from 75 to 4800 kbps. 

Operating modes:

  • single-frequency and double-frequency simplex; 
  • voice information and data reception and transmission in pseudorandom operational frequency readjustment (PROFR) mode with satellite navigation free syncro;
  • automatic link establishment (ALE);
  • noiseless coding; 
  • technical masking out; 
  • automated radio data recording; 
  • external PC control; 
  • saving (standby) reception; 
  • tone call transmission and reception. 
  • tone call transmission and reception.
General performance characteristics
Parameter Value
Operating frequency range, MHz: 1.5–30
Number of channels: 100 FRF (fixed radio frequencies), 128 ALE, 128 PROFR tables
Frequency spectrum pitch, kHz: 0.01
Transmitter output power, W PEP: 20
Emission classes: A1А, F1B, G7W, J3E (USB, LSB), H3E, R3E
PROFR rate, jumps/s: 10
Receiver sensitivity, µV: 1
Operating temperature range, °C: – 30…+ 50
Transceiver weight with a battery, kg: 6.7
Overall dimensions with a battery, mm: 230 х 340 х 90
Continuous operation time with battery, hours: min 8

  • possibility to apply for any tactic control level missions;
  • transceiver is equipped with a fully automatic antenna tuner which allows using the full range of pin and stationary antennas;
  • external device remote control via USB 2.0, RS-232 interfaces;
  • transmitter power level flexible change;
  • emergency radio data cancellation;
  • built-in software health monitoring diagnostics;
  • detachable control panel;
  • display and keypad have variable brightness illumination

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