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R-181-BAF is a frequency separation device used to ensure joint operation of two R-181 series VHF radios to a single antenna; it’s installed in armored and unarmored, wheeled and tracked vehicles.

  • external device remote control via RS-485 interface;
  • continuous operation mode;
  • made in sealed high impact aluminum alloy housing.
antenna filter unit operation principle is based on the use of diplexer filters (combination of low and high frequency filters) having two separate inputs and one common output with communication set 1 connected to high frequency filter and communication set 2 connected  to low frequency filter.

General performance characteristics

Parameter Value
Operating frequency range, MHz: 30…512
Passband signal strength loss, dB 
(30…107.975 / 108…225 / 225…512 MHz):
max 1,5 / 1,75 / 2
Stopband signal strength loss, dB: min 40
Standing wave ratio for all RF inputs and an output relative to 50 Ohm resistance: min 1.7
Maximum output power of transceivers to be connected, W: 50
Wave impedance in antenna and feeder transmission line, Ohm: 50
Power supply, V: 18…36
Operating temperature range, °C: – 30…+ 65
Cooling: passive (without fans)

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