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R-181 is designed to ensure open, masked and secured (using external CAC sys-tems - coded automatic communication) radio communication between mobile and fixed objects in tactic control level to be installed in armored and unarmored wheeled vehicles, under severe operating conditions featuring increased noise immunity and security of operation with radio sets compatible in frequency range, modulation formats and operating modes.

Operating types:

  • PP-K SW transceiver provides for voice information exchange in analogue mode of fixed radio frequency (FRF) as well as in analogue mode of automatic link establishment (ALE), ensures voice information and data exchange while operation in digital FRF and ALE modes and in pseudorandom operational frequency readjustment (PROFR) mode;
  • data streaming and batch transmission with ARQ at rate from 75 to 4800 kbps;
  • PP-U VHF transceiver provides for voice information exchange in analogue FRF mode as well as ensures voice information and data exchange while operation in FRF and PROFR digital modes.
  • data streaming and batch transmission with ARQ at rate from 9.6 to 19.2 kbps.
Operating modes:
  • single-frequency and double-frequency simplex;
  • full-duplex operation using two receiver/exciters;
  • pseudorandom operational frequency readjustment (PROFR);
  • “associated channel” (voice and data transmission on a single channel with priority selection);
  • automatic link establishment (ALE);
  • operation with a noise suppressor;
  • noiseless coding;
  • technical masking out;
  • automated radio data recording;
  • scan reception at 8 preset frequencies;
  • subscriber, group and circular type of the users’ addressing;
  • external PC control;
  • saving (standby) reception;
  • tone call transmission and reception.
General performance characteristics
Transceiver type: SW (PP-K) VHF (PP-U)
Operating frequency range, MHz: 1.5–30 30–512
Number of channels: 100 FRF, 128 ALE, 128 PROFR tables
Emission classes: A1А, F1B, G7W, J3E (USB, LSB), H3E, R3E A3E, G3E, F1W
Frequency spectrum pitch, kHz: 0.01 12.5/25
Transmitter output power, W: 20 5–8
PROFR rate, jumps/s:
10 min 200
Receiver sensitivity, μV:
1 0.35…0.5
Operating temperature range, °C: – 30…+ 50 – 30…+ 50
Power supply, V 27 (+2 / –5) 27 (+2 / –5)
Weight (1 transceiver/2 transceivers), kg: 20 30
Overall dimensions (1 transceiver/2 transceivers), mm:
274 x 265 x 263 274 x 265 x 381

  • radio modular design allows using PP-K (PP-U) transceiver of R-181 manpack radio;
  • SW band transceiver is equipped with a fully automatic antenna tuner which allows using the full range of pin and stationary antennas;
  • ASDU (automated signal distribution unit) provides for joint operation of up to two transceivers and their interaction with digital fixed communication network;
  • interfacing and operation with local area network via Ethernet 100BASE-T interface and IP packet protocol support;
  • up to two independent communication channels simultaneous operation in voice information transmission mode;
  • radio channel traffic retransmission in FRF mode and Ethernet local area network duplex traffic retransmission (Ethernet radio modem mode).
  • emergency radio data cancellation;
  • built-in software health monitoring diagnostics;
  • detachable control panel;
  • display and keypad have variable brightness illumination;
  • automatic and manual keypad lock;
  • flexible and functional software aided parameter setting;
  • all units are made in sealed high impact aluminum alloy housing.
Completed units. Basic scope of delivery
  • Transceiver: PP-U (VHF) or PP-K (SW)
  • Automated signal distribution unit (ASDU)
  • Helmet headset
  • Switch box: 1 x PP-U (PP-K) / 1 x ASDU, 2 x PP-U (PP-K) / 1 x ASDU
Optional accessory
  • R-181-UMU (25, 50 W) power amplifier / to be used with PP-U (VHF)
  • R-181-500-UMU (50, 100, 250, 500 W) power amplifier / to be used with PP-U (VHF)
  • R-181-UMU (25, 50, 100 W) power amplifier / to be used with PP-K (SW)
  • R-181-AAT automatic antenna tuner/ to be used with R-181-UMU (SW) for pin and stationary antennas connection
  • R-181-BAF antenna filter unit (VHF) / for two transceivers operation to a single antenna
  • PU-3 unit (providing for internal and external communication up to 3 users)
  • R-184 internal communication and switching device
  • Lapel switch (helmet connection to PU-3, R-184 or R-181-50 TU devices)
  • Handset
  • Lapel switch (helmet connection to PU-3, R-184 or R-181-50TU devices)

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