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TA-11 voice termianl is designed to provide telephone communications within the subscriber networks of automatic switching systems, field communication systems, public automatic telephone networks, manual switching systems, and also without switching systems, negotiating by means of a radio station using it as a final device. It is intended for operation in stationary objects and on the base of wheeled chassis in harsh operating conditions.

Basic technical properties:

  • operation in local battery, central battery and PBX modes with pulse and tone dialing over a two-wire communication line; 
  • "Whisper" mode with increase of transmission level by 10 dB, and disconnection of the acoustic call; 
  • "Long line" mode with increased transmission and reception levels for working in the local battery mode at long distances; 
  • possibility of sending of the integrity test signal, the SOS signal via the Morse code (in automatic mode), of any message in the Morse code (in manual mode) in the local battery mode to the line.
General performance characteristics
Parameter Value

Attenuation overlapped by TA-11 voice terminal via P-274M cable, not more, dB


The volume of the loudness of the ringing acoustic signal in the position of the volume switch "maximum" is not less than, dB


The number of nonvolatile memory programmable numbers is not more than 16 digits, not more than


Resistance to external influencing factors according to GOST V 20.39.304-98 

Group1.14 UHL

Power supply (board network), V 


Dialing modes 

pulse, voice-frequency   

Operating temperature range, °С

– 35…+ 50

Overall dimensions without, mm

270 х 120 х 120

Weight, kg

max 3.25

  • remote control of the transmission chain by radio stations of the R-181, R-159, R-111 family;
  • function of sending an inductor call in line;
  • provision of direct communication with the same type of apparatus or any other apparatus of the local battery (MB) system (for example TA-57);
  • communication range of up to 40 km;
  • a desktop version with the ability to be mounted to the base, and also the ability to be mounted on a wall;
  • remains normal operation after immersion in water at a depth of 1 m during the hour;
  • made in a sealed impact-resistant casing of aluminum alloy;
  • power supply can be carried out from the GB-10-U-1,3 battery and/or six AA-size elements with the possibility of their simultaneous installation.

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