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Designation: search, detection and jamming of VHF fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping radio communication links.


  • detector/direction-finder with receiving and direction-finding antennafeeder system;
  • two automated operator workstations;
  • nine-channel radio transmitter with seven transmitting antenna-feeder systems;
  • communication and data transmission system;
  • power supply and life support system;
  • mobile chassis with two power plants and a box-body.

General performance characteristics of “Groza” (“Groza-6”) VHF Radio Communication Jammer



Operating frequency range of “Groza” station, MHz


Operating frequency range of “Groza-6” station, MHz


Direction-finding method

correlative interferometer

Instrumented direction-finding accuracy (RMSE), deg.


RES positioning method for jammers working in pairs


Detection and direction-finding of frequency-hopping signals

up to 1000 hops/s

Frequency-hopping radio communication links jamming

up to 500 hops/s

Transmitter output power in ranges, W:

30–512 MHz

512–860 MHz

860–1215 MHz

1215–2500 MHz

2500–3000 MHz (for “Groza-6” 2500–6000 MHz)


not less than 1000

not less than 800

not less than 300

not less than 100

not less than 50

Communication type between jammers in a pair

radio relay; 3G network; 2/4 wire link

Jammer setup and breakdown time by four-man crew, min

not more than 45

  • extended radio reconnaissance and jamming tactical frequency band;
  • detection and jamming of ground and aerial radio emission sources (RES);
  • detection, direction-finding and positioning of radio emission sources in frequency-hopping mode with up to 1000 hops-per-second rate; jamming of radio communication links in frequency-hopping mode with up to 500 hops-per-second rate;
  • high aggregate power of letter-designated frequency radio transmitter;
  • simultaneous jamming of up to 28 fixed-frequency radio communication links;
  • usage of fast-deployment antenna mast devices and power generators on truck chassis reduces considerably the setup and breakdown time.

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