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  • UAV detection, direction-finding and positioning based on radio electronic device emissions;
  • generation of denial jamming and spoofing against UAV navigation equipment;
  • search, detection and jamming of UAV control channels (uplink) and data transmission channels from UAV (downlink).


  • detector/direction-finder of UAV emissions;
  • transmitter of jamming signals against control channels (uplink) and data transmission channels (downlink);
  • GLONASS navigation equipment jammer;
  • transmitter of denial jammers and spoofing against GPS navigation equipment;
  • operator’s automated workstation;
  • transporter including two antenna mast devices (for receiving and transmitting antennas), power generator, equipment container, hardware section including an air conditioner and a heater.

General technical characteristics of “Groza-S” Counter-UAV Electronic Warfare Station:



Radio reconnaissance operating frequency range, MHz


Jamming frequency range, MHz


UAV signals’ radio reconnaissance range (data transmission from UAV), km

up to 50

Ground control post signals’ radio reconnaissance range (control signal transmission to UAV), km

up to 10

UAV receiver jamming range (reception of control signals from ground control post), km

up to 30

Ground control post receiver jamming range (data reception from UAV), km

up to 10

UAV navigation receiver jamming range, km

up to 40

UAV navigation receiver spoofing range, km

up to 40

Setup time, min


Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz


3 persons

Type of counteraction scenario



1. Multicopter

Uplink jamming

Landing or return

2. Multicopter

Uplink jamming and GPS/GLONASS jamming


3. Multicopter

Uplink jamming and GLONASS jamming, GPS spoofing

Flight to designated zone, than crashing or landing

4. UAV

Uplink jamming and GPS/GLONASS jamming

Return to base using INS

5. UAV

Uplink jamming and GLONASS jamming, GPS spoofing

Flight to designated zone, than crashing or landing

Primary advantages of “Groza-S” station 

1. All-weather 24-hour UAV detection and direction-finding channel using emissions from UAV on-board transmitters, capability of UAV positioning and UAV flight trajectory plotting when two “Groza-S” stations work in a pair.
2. Wide frequency band for UAV-to-GCP control channel detection and jamming (uplink), detecting and jamming data transfer from UAV (downlink)—100 MHz to 6 GHz, covering all possible frequency links (uplinks and downlinks). Great emission power providing greater jamming range.
3. Capability for jamming GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou navigation systems individually as selected by user or all the systems simultaneously.
4. Capability for spoofing GPS navigation receivers (while simultaneously jamming GLONASS signal reception) is the function that is not provided by any other manufacturer worldwide. The function allows for pulling UAV off the protected zone to another zone designated by station operator and force the UAV to crash at the designated zone.
5. Capability to employ the station in a stationary variant (high-rise buildings), on light and heavy vehicles.
6. Integration of three UAV detection, recognition and tracking channels (detector/ direction-finder, TV module, thermal imaging module) when the station  is equipped with electro-optical monitoring complex (option). Electro-optical monitoring complex (option) 

The Electro-Optical Module is designed for monitoring aerial environment,  it allows detection of unmanned aerial vehicles in real time, by day and at night.

The Electro-Optical Complex comprises:

  • electro-optical module on rotary support platform (RSP), including TV and thermal imaging observation channel, and a range-finding channel;
  • automated operator workstation;
  • Interface and secondary power supply.

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