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Air defense systems

“Beltechexport” Company provides supply of the following armaments and Air Defense equipment:
  • surface-to-air missile systems “Buk-MB”, “Kvadrat”, “Osa-АКМ”, S-125 “Pechora”, S-300, “Strela-10”;
  • surface-to-air gun and missile systems “Tunguska”;
  • antiaircraft artillery systems ZU-23-2, ZSU-23-4 “Shilka”, S-60;
  • simulators for the Air Defense equipment;
  • automated test systems and repair sections;
  • integrated labs with measurement equipment and autonomous power supply facilities.
We supply brand new Air Defense equipment as well as the equipment, which has undergone overhaul reconditioning and pre-sales preparation at the specialized enterprises. Moreover, our Company offers training of customer’s specialists in the Republic of Belarus or at site. MANPAD simulator developed by the scientific and production center of “Beltechexport” Company is adopted by the Belarusian army. Up-to-date “Buk-MB” SAM system provides engagement of not only existing and prospective air assault weapons, but also naval surface targets visible for the radars.