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Designation: automated monitoring, diagnostics and repair of digital and digital-to-analog units, boards, line replaceable units and specialpurpose cells.


  • a universal tool;
  • an open architecture which allows for adding new test-measurement devices;
  • a whole range of ready modifications for performance of common tasks has been developed;
  • interfaces for easy development of applications, text and graphic method, no need in programming expertise;
  • relatively infinite test sequence;
  • individual adjustment of logical signals levels and comparators in channels;
  • option of synchronizing from unit under test;
  • possibility of setting objects under test, which do not have reset circuits, into a determinate state;
  • possibility of checking for absence of open connector circuits of the elements;
  • tools for circuit analysis to build up a circuit on the basis of available board;
  • organizing a data base management system for recording general statistics and multiple use of databases.

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