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Ground mobile radar station P-18GL operates in VHF band and is designed for automatic detection of targets, computing their present coordinates (azimuth and range) and transmission of radar data to external users.


  • hardware cabin, where main electronic equipment of radar is located— vehicle № 1;
  • antenna-mast device with antenna-feeder system—vehicle № 2;
  • two power stations;
  • sets of cables and operating documentation.
Main functions:
  • detection, display and automatic computing of coordinates—azimuth and range of air objects;
  • automatic tracking of air objects’ routes and computing of movement coordinates;
  • reception, display and processing of radar data from an identical radar or from a radar equipped with extractor А-1000М and generation of routes;
  • automatic control of radio altimeters equipped with extractors А-1000N, computing and binding of altitude to plain coordinates of air objects;
  • automatic transmission of radar data to a user through phone channel;
  • possibility of manual recording of radar data according to digital data of air object logbooks in “azimuth-range” coordinates or in air defense grid squares in non-automated units;
  • documenting of radar data;
  • semi-automatic radar positioning (optional);
  • monitoring of technical condition and testing of the main radar devices.
Number and list of functions, composition of software and hardware can be varied, depending on configuration of subunit and version of a radar.

There is an option of installing a remote automatic workstation on a command post, outside hardware cabin. The remote automatic workstation is equipped with the necessary communication and data exchange equipment, as agreed with the customer. The offset range is limited by the range of standard communication cables (up to 500 m).

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