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Designation: mobile L-band radar P-19GL is designed for automatic detection of air objects within the detection zone, computing of their present coordinates, automatic tracking and formation of tracks in order to obtain the data on air situation and transfer it to a user.

Main functions:

• detection, display and automatic computing of air object coordinates;
• integration of coordinate data from primary and secondary channels;
• automatic tracking of air objects’ routes and computing of movement parameters;
• automatic transmission of radar data to a user through communication channel;
• possibility of manual collection of radar data according to digital data of air object logbooks in “azimuth-range” coordinates;
• documenting of radar data;
• semi-automatic radar positioning;
• monitoring of technical condition and testing of main radar devices, display of monitoring data on the operator’s screen.

Can be used as:

• low-flying targets reconnaissance station;
• reconnaissance unit as a part of separate air defense troops to increase low-altitude coverage area;
• air traffic monitoring and control station in the airfield area;
• target acquisition radar (TAR) as a part of air defense missile systems.

There is an option of data ouput from external radar sources (up to 3) to a remote workstation of a radar.

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