О компании


RLS-50 is an unmanned, remote controlled and towed autonomous 3-dimensional solid-state S-band circular airspace scanning radar with active phased array antenna, designed for electronic technical and air defense units. It ensures transmission of radar data to user, command posts and anti-aircraft missiles guidance stations. Depending on the objective, primary or flight path data on air targets can be transmitted to the user.

The radar is operated without operators—in fully automatic mode. The radar can be deployed in any position, which allows for covering the required detection zone or closing the gaps in the existing detection zone with regard to air target flight altitude. Availability of external power supply and crew on deployment position are not mandatory requirements for operating the radar.

Functional performance:

  • detection of air objects;
  • measurement of coordinates and parameters (azimuth, elevation, range, velocity) of air objects;
  • trajectory tracking of detected air objects;
  • direction finding of active jammers;
  • transmission of primary radar data and trajectory data to displays and joint systems (through wire, fiber-optics and radio data transmission channels);
  • optical surveillance of radar deployment position;
  • recording of radar equipment operating parameters and outcomes of combat operation.

Application of RLS-50 is more effective when paired with unified command and control vehicle “Redut” (item CCV “Redut-223”), which is designed for receiving radar data and automatic control of air defense forces combat actions on a tactical level.

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