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Designation: engagement of strategic, tactical and army aviation aircrafts, helicopters (including hovering), cruise missiles, remotely piloted air platforms, tactical, ballistic, airborne missiles and other air targets in the conditions of the intense enemy’s electronic countermeasures as well as engagement of radiocontrast surface and ground targets.

ADMS “Buk-MB” provides multiple simultaneous engagement of up to 6 targets flying from any directions in all altitudes.

The system ensures reliable anti-aircraft defense of important administrative and industrial facilities and troops in all situational conditions.

General performance characteristics of ADMS “Buk-MB”:

Parameter Value
Maximum velocity of engaged targets, m/sec:
Killing zone of head-on course and non-maneuvering aircrafts F-15 type, RCS 1 m2, km:


0.015 to 25    
3 to 42
Killing zone of airborne cruise ALCM type missiles,
flying at altitudes from 30 till 6000 m, km
3 to 26
Miaximum killing zone for helicopters Cobra type, km:
flying with a speed of not more than 50 m/sec
Maximum killing zone for tactical ballistic Lance type missiles, km 20
Maximum killing zone for HARM type missiles, km 20
Maximum killing zone for surface targets, km:
missile boat
Maximum killing zone for ground targets, km 12
Target engagement probability with 1 missile:
non-maneuvering F-15 type aircraft
maneuvering F-15 type aircraft with 6–8 G-load
hovering Cobra type helicopter
airborne ALCM type cruise missiles
tactical Lance type ballistic missiles
HARM type missiles
0.7 to 0.9
up to 0.7
up to 0.4
0.7 to 0.8
0.5 to 0.7
0.6 to 0.8
Density of electronic counter-measures of external overlapping, providing engagement of F-15 type target, W/MHz 300

Configuration of ADMS “Buk-MB”

Combat units:

• combat control station 9С470 MB—1 unit;

• radar 80К6М—1 unit;

• self-propelled launchers 9А310 MB—6 units;

• transporter erector launcher 9АЗ9 MB—3 units;

• surface-to-air guided missiles 9М38, 9М38М1, 9М317.

Technical means:

  • maintenance vehicle 9V881 MB—1 unit;
  • maintenance vehicle МТО-АТ MB—1 unit;
  • repair and maintenance vehicle МRТО-1 (9V883 MB)—1 unit;
  • repair and maintenance vehicle МRТО-2 (9V884 MB)—1 unit;
  • set of spare parts tools and accessories (SPTA);
  • transport vehicles (ТМ) 9Т243 MB—4 units;
  • mobile power plant (PES MB) 100 кV—2 units;
  • mobile distribution kit PRU-2 MB—2 units;
  • truck crane KS type—1 unit.

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