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Land forces armament

“Beltechexport” Company offers supply of the following armament and equipment for the Land Forces:
  • towed and self-propelled artillery systems;
  • ammunition for small arms and artillery systems of various calibers;
  • Т-72, Т-80 tanks of various modifications;
  • anti-tank missile systems;
  • “Adunok” automated remote controlled observation and fire weapon systems;
  • small arms and machine guns;
  • simulators for training of the crews of tanks, IFVs, APCs, self-propelled artillery systems on driving and firing;
  • engineering armament and ammunition;
  • ground survey radars.
We are supplying brand new Land Forces equipment as well as equipment after overhaul reconditioning and upgrade at the specialized enterprises. If required, it is possible to conduct training on operation of the whole range of supplied equipment.