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“BREM” Maintenance-Recovery Vehicle

Is intended for emergency evacuation, damaged and stuck vehicles for various types of bogging down, requiring efforts to pull out up to 75 tf. Provides towing of damaged and faulty vehicles, technical assistance while servicing vehicles in the field conditions.

Основные технические характеристики:

Parameter Value
Base chassis T-72
Mass, t 42
Crew, pers. 3
Engine V-84
Pulling winch, type hydraulic with a device of self-adjusting, cleanser of a wire rope cable and automatic switch-off while exceeding the drawbar capacity
Drawbar capacity, ts 25
Working wire rope cable length, m 200
Means of fixing the vehicle on the ground сolter opener-bull dozer
Lifting crane high-power, full revolving
Load capacity, t 12
Angle of boom swing, degrees 360
Cargo platform, type all-metal, easy-to-remove, with hinged sides
Electric welding equipment, type diesel welding generator
Self-contained pack – hydro station diesel hydraulic (oil) station
Adjustable jacks, type hydraulic with manual drive
Radio station R173 (M) with receiving device R-173P

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