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Anti-tank guided missile system “Shershen” is a multifunctional high mobility defense and assault weapon for land detachments. It is designed for improvement of anti-tank defense of military formations as well as for neutralizing the enemy firing points during attack.

General performance characteristics of ATGM “Shershen”:

Parameter Value
Applied missiles, caliber 130 mm RK-2S
Maximum range of detection (identification) of a standard target:
in the daytime, km
at night using thermal vision camera, km

up to 10
up to 8
Maximum firing range:
moving targets, m
fixed targets, m
tandem, HEAT
Armor penetration behind ERA (approach angle 60°), mm not less than 800
Operating temperature range, °С −30...+65

  • “Shershen” is a basic ATGM model;
  • “Shershen-D” is a modification with two firing channels;
  • “Shershen-DM” is a modification with two firing channels and automatic lifting device for mounting on vehicles;
  • “Shershen-Q” is a four firing channels for mounting on an armored vehicle.
  • high probability of target engagement and good jamming resistance;
  • missile guidance using remote control from covered positions or shelters which substantially decreases the risk of operator’s injury and reduces psychological stress;
  • capability of firing in “overflight” mode, which is the primary mode when firing at targets with ranges over 1500 meters. In this mode laser radiation from guidance device is directed above the target which eliminates possibility of attack detection and counteraction until the last moment when the missile falls to the line-of-sight level, which happens in less than a second before the target is hit;
  • auto tracking function implementing “fire-and-forget” mode;
  • easy integration with external thermal vision module upon customer’s choice for operation at night and in poor visibility conditions;
  • capability of engaging the targets with high radio-absorbing ability and low thermal contrast such as bunker, pillbox, defense point in a building;
  • capability of controlling the missile after the launch, including retargeting to a more important target;
  • capability of installing universal combat modules with one, two or four firing channels on different wheeled and tracked chassis, river and sea vessels;
  • possibility for the system (several systems) to operate as part of an integrated fire control system with automated reconnaissance, target designation and target distribution processes;
  • low weight, easy to use, short term
  • low weight, easy to use, short term of operator training (ATGM set includes PC simulator system).

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