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One of the general partners of “Beltechexport” Company, the products of which we are successfully selling in the world market for many years, is JSC “Peleng”. This enterprise is nowadays one of the leading global enterprises performing development, production and upgrade of the fire control systems for armored vehicles and tanks.

JSC “Peleng” in cooperation with “Sagem” and “Thales” Companies that are the leading European manufacturers of the thermal cameras, has developed and offers upgrading of fire control systems for various types of armored vehicles: tanks Т-55, Т-62, Т-72, Т-80, T-90, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3, as well as TV observation and survey systems for the vehicles based on track-type chassis, as well as fixed control and surveillance posts. Besides, JSC “Peleng” is an exclusive supplier of up-to-date thermal vision sight “Essa-72U” for the Belarusian tank T-72BME.

New fire control systems developed for the abovementioned equipment has passed through the tests and adopted by the Belarusian army, and are supplied to a number of foreign countries.

Offered article options:

  • thermal vision sight “Plisa” for T-80 tank and its modifications;
  • thermal vision sight “Essa” for T-90S tank and its modifications;
  • thermal vision sight “Vesna-K” for BMP-3 IFV and its modifications;
  • multichannel gunner’s sight “Sozh-TM” for BMP-3 IFV and its versions;
  • multichannel gunner’s sights “Sosna-U” and PN-72M for T-72A, Т-72S, Т-72B3, Т-72МК and their modifications;
  • panoramic commander’s sight PKP-K for Т-72B, Т-90МS, BMP-3 IFVs, battery commander’s vehicles 9P157-4 and stationary surveillance systems;
  • panoramic sights for light and heavy armored vehicles.

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