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Designation: automated and non-automated combat control of rocket artillery detachments equipped with MLRS 9K57 “Uragan” either when planning or in course of combat operations (route planning, deployment and maneuver, topographical survey and meteorological support, reconnaissance, fire preparation and control).


  • unified vehicle of the battalion (battery) commander on armored chassis “Cayman”—1 unit;
  • unified vehicle of the battalion staff commander (battery executive officer) on off-road chassis “Ural” (MAZ)—1 unit;
  • technical means set for installation into combat vehicles BM 9P140 and transporter loader vehicles TZM 9T452;
  • software.

The automation tools installed in the system support voice communication and data transmission to the higher-level, interacting and subordinate control posts from stationary position and on the move.

The system provides:

  • reconnaissance and position finding of targets, fire for registration, observation of the battlefield and shooting results, fire adjustment;
  • process automation of collecting, processing, storage and transfer of data on targets;
  • solving tasks on planning and fire control of battery (battalion), calculation of settings for firing at stationary and moving targets;
  • preparation of concentrated, barrage firing etc.;
  • automated transfer of firing settings to weapons’ fire control systems;
  • automated interaction using radio and wired communication channels with control systems of higher level command and combined arms units, technical reconnaissance systems, command and observation post, fire control post and weapons within the battalion;
  • automated fire control from remote command and observation posts etc.
System advantages:
  •  average triple time decrease in preparation to fire and fire control, firing settings defining, completing of subsidiary missions;
  • firing data preparation accuracy increase up to 40%;
  • reduction of ammunition consumption for registration fire and target destruction;
  • expansion of combat application variants;
  • user-friendly;
  • substantial increase of operation reliability, reduction of expenditure for maintenance and repair;
  • the combat vehicles equipment is powered by electric generating set which results in decrease of fuel expenditure for energy generation for the users’ power supply;
  • increase of maneuvering ability and movement speed up to 80 km/h;
  • reduction of combat vehicles’ crew quantity.
Special software capabilities:
  • maximum quantity of input coordinates of firing posts, command and observation posts, independent targets—up to 99;
  • maximum quantity of input coordinates of aiming points for standing barrage fire, moving barrage, convoys—up to 102;
  • definition of firing settings for predicted firing at stationary and moving targets;
  • processing of the results of registration fire (registration mark creation);
  • definition of settings for firing according to registration fire (registration mark creation) data;
  • input and consideration of meteorological and ballistic firing conditions using different methods, calculation of projectile paths’ parameters, calculation of field of accumulated corrections’ for deviations of meteorological and ballistic firing conditions according to the data of meteorological stations (posts), construction of the calculated corrections’ diagram;
  • automated improvement of fields of accumulated corrections as well as of meteorological information upon the results of firing (measured deviations);
  • simulation of average and real parameters of atmosphere based on ground measurement data and recalculation of “Meteoaverage” bulletin;
  • definition of capabilities for shooting over crests of the shelters;
  • recalculation of rectangular coordinates of a point from one grid zone to another;
  • solving of topographical survey tasks on defining object coordinates and position grid angle calculation;
  • solving of topographical survey tasks on defining object coordinates and position grid angle calculation;
  • solving tasks on position grid angle calculation for orienting directions upon the results of observing the luminaries (the Sun or the Polar Star);
  • calculation of corrections during fire for registration (all methods) and adjustment during destruction fire;
  • recording of the acquired information on the input coordinates, tasks in file form, exchange through radio and wired communication channels, printing of all the necessary information;
  • graphical display of the input information (combat order of artillery and supporting detachments, objects, targets, standing barrage fire, moving barrage fire) on the electronic diagram;
  • solving tasks using electronic topographic terrain maps (if available for the user).

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