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Т-72BME tank is the product of in-depth modernization of Т-72 tanks, in accordance with the requirements to the means of armed confrontation in the XXIst century.
Characteristics of the tank are most closely approximate to the characteristics of the newest tanks of Т-90 type. While performing the modernization, the latest achievements in development of fire control, surveillance and advanced weapon protection systems were used.

The essence of modernization of Т-72BME tank is in installation of a new sighting system with a thermal imaging sight, armor reinforcement by means of combining the monolithic and combined armor with additional installation of reactive armor and counter-HEAT side screens, increase of mobility due to installation of a more powerful engine, and endurance while conducting the ambush and defense operations by means of use of the built-in autonomous power source.

In 2019 T-72BME Tank will participate in the parade dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders and Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.

The main distinctive features of the tank are:

  • installation of “Essa-72U” combined control system, including the multichannel thermal imaging sight, a ballistic computer, thermal indicators and a commander’s back-up sight, providing efficient defeat of enemy’s objects at maximum ranges round the clock in any weather conditions;
  • installation of a set of sensors (a wind sensor, gun position sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, roll and pitch sensors), which allows to reduce considerably the time of guidance on a target, improve firing accuracy in stationaryposition and on the move;
  • enabling the tank to fire all types of 125 mm rounds, including the modern guided projectiles;
  • installation of “Contact-1” type reactive armor set;
  • installation of 902B “Tucha” system with eight launchers;
  • installation of the up-to-date 840 h.p. engine V-84МS;
  • installation of BARRETT-2082+ digital VHF radio of the latest generation;
  • installation of the up-to-date infrared or thermal vision device for the mechanic-driver;
  • installation of autonomous 9.9 kW diesel power source to provide operation of main systems of the tank during defensive missions and to safe the service life of the main engine.

General technical characteristics of T-72BME tank:

Weapon system

Tank gun


125 mm 2A46: dispersion of all types of rounds is decreased by 10% owing to installation of sensors, increasing the fire accuracy, and a ballistic computer

Rate of fire, rounds per min.


Ammunition load, pcs.



machine gun


7.62 mm PKT

Ammunition load, pcs.



machine gun


12.7 mm NSVT

Ammunition load, pcs.


Communication means

Radio station


digital radio stations BARRETT-2082+, BARRETT-2091 provide instant selection of preset channels

Communication range, km

VHF—up to 25, HF—up to 70


Reactive armor


out-board counter-HEAT “Contact-1”

Number of containers


Reinforcement of side profile protection

side screens with reactive armor (96 containers), reinforcement of protection against RPG and ATGM by 1.5–1.8 times as much

Concealment facilities

Smoke Screening system


902B “Tucha”

Number of smoke grenades, pcs.


Range of grenades launching, m







840 h.p.

Tracked running gear

tracks with metal-rubber mounting

Mass, tons


Sighting system

Multichannel gun-layer’s sight (day-night)


“Essa-72U” (main sight)

TV channel:

target detection range

target identification range


7000 m

5000 m

Thermal imaging channel:

target detection range

target identification range


5500 m

3500 m

Type of range finder, range measurement band, m

Range measurement band, m,

100 up to 10 000

Type of ballistic computer

digital ballistics computer

Daylight sight


TPDK-1 (auxiliary sight)

Type of range finder, 

range measurement band, m


from 500 to 4000

Aiming target defeat range at daytime, m

up to 4000

Tank commander’s vision device


commander’s passive-active vision and target indication device ТКN-3B, “Double” system with a control panel and monitor for firing a tank gun and machine gun

Vision range at night:

infrared channel

thermal channel


up to 400 m

up to 3500 m

Capability of firing by a commander from the tank gun

firing the tank gun 2А46 in “Double” mode

Guided rocket projectile



Mechanic-driver’s night vision device



Vision range at night, m

up to 120/200

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