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Dmitry Pantus Appointed Minister of SAMI

Dmitry Pantus Appointed Minister of SAMI

Dmitry Pantus, who has served as deputy minister of State Authority for Military Industry Republic of Belarus (SAMI) since August 2014, was appointed head of this department with the assignment of the first class of civil servant to him. The decree was signed by the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on 4 June 2020.

“Not only Roman Golovchenko (the former Minister of SAMI, and now the Prime Minister) offered you to this position, but also many who worked with you,” the head of state said, making staffing decisions. He expressed hope that the work in the recently discussed areas of activity of the military-industrial complex will be successfully continued and this area will be further developed.

By Presidential Decree No. 194 of 4 June 2020, Roman Golovchenko was appointed Prime Minister of Belarus. The President emphasised that at the previous work he was engaged in production at the highest technological level.

“I want to get a higher technological level in industry from him. In all areas where possible. He is a good organiser,” the head of state noted.





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