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Goscomvoyenprom to Move to a New Stage in the Defence Industry Development

Goscomvoyenprom to Move to a New Stage in the Defence Industry Development

Roman Golovchenko, Chairman of the Belarusian State Military Industrial Committee (Goscomvoyenprom), who was introduced to the committee’s staff by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko on 20 August 2018, told journalists that Goscomvoyenprom is to move to a new stage in the development of the defence industry.
Roman Golovchenko spoke about the tasks that are assigned to him as the new head of the committee.
“The main task is to move to a new stage of the defence industry – from the stabilisation, planning and development phase to the production of high-technology weapons and military equipment,” he said.
It is necessary to expand the range of Belarusian-made finished military products that would be used in the Armed Forces and would be in demand in international markets. The Belarusian defence industry already manufactures high value-added products at a fairly low cost.
“Goscomvoyenprom’s main exports are highly intelligent systems, such as electronic intelligence and warfare systems. But now we realise that this is not enough to progress,” Roman Golovchenko said.
The range of products will be significantly expanded, including through fire weapon systems and other weapons.
According to Roman Golovchenko, close attention will be paid to the implementation of the Belarusian State Armament Programme for 2016-2020 and the State Defence Order for 2018, as well as to innovative projects that are under development.
Meeting with the committee’s staff and heads of Goscomvoyenprom companies, the chairman of Goscomvoyenprom also spoke about the need to boost and strengthen exports. He promised to meet with the heads of each Goscomvoyenprom’s department, examine the current state of affairs, visit each company and conduct a review of the issues that are assigned to Goscomvoyenprom. Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko is also going to examine the situation in the industry. He plans to analyse the general state of production, evaluate the factor of intelligent equipment in the volume of revenue and assess workforce capacity.


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